Beta 2.1 Release

With the 2.1 release of Junket there are some exiting new additions (along with lots of bug fixes that I won't list here)

-New Boss Fight!

If you can reach wave 30 you will be rewarded with a battle against a god! You may not be able to defeat Koro-Rah, but if you can defeat his minions he will leave you alone.

-New Weapons!

This update begins 2 new weapons (and the loss of one)

1. Party Popper

The Party Popper is a high power weapon with a 1/3 chance of firing bullets, otherwise it shoots confetti (yay!)

2. The Ripper

The Ripper is a very high power, but very short range double barreled shotgun that destroys almost anything unfortunate enough to stand in front of you

-Removal Of The Death Laser

In this update the Death Laser has been removed because it hurt the balance of the game. It's ability to kill pretty much everything coupled with is long range and large area of effect made it almost impossible to balance around. I saw two options with the Death Laser: Nerf it to the point that it wasn't as overpowered as it was which would have ruined it's entire purpose or simply remove it and continue adding to the game without having it as an obstacle. I chose the second option and I think it will be very good for the future of the game.

Thanks for reading, Junketeers!

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Jan 22, 2018

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