Beta 2.2 Release

The Beta 2.2 release of Junket brings lots of exciting new changes and updates!

-New Boss Minion

The boss fight on wave 20 has had it's small lasers near the pillars and boss head replaced with robots that have a laser in their chest that charges up then fires in a continuous beam at the player

-Tank Bot Changes

The Tank Bot now has a cannon barrel on its chest that will fire out rockets at the player (like tanks do) but has had its melee damage reduced to compensate

-New Equipment

You can now build a shield generator that costs 600 scrap metal, 50 steel, and 6 crystals that will give you a 150 hp shield that will last until it is broken

There were also many polish changes and bug fixes in this update and much more coming in the near future. I do plan on looking carefully at the Sawblade Bots and introducing a new robot type that will be completely different from anything currently in the game to hopefully add a lot more variety into the gameplay. You can also look forward to new equipment, familiars, and weapons in the future as well as many more boss fights and some more information on the story of Junket but all of that will have to wait for future updates.

Thanks for reading, Junketeers!

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Feb 11, 2018

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