Beta 2.3 Release

Junket Beta 2.3 comes with some exciting new things, including a new enemy type, and something that I need your help with.

-New Enemy! The Charge Bot!

Appearing starting at wave 25 the Charge Bot will apply power boosts in robots that enter its radius that last until the charge bot is destroyed

-Highest Wave is Now Tracked!

Pretty self explanitory, but unfortunatly any highest round that you got before this update will not be on record because it wasn't being saved until now

-Some Little Things!

You can now activate familiars and equipment with the shortcuts Q and E respectively which allows them to be used without interupting your shooting
When an item is built it will now display a "Built" icon instead of its required resources
Endless mode was removed because, honestly, it did nothing but remove the ship repair option (atleast for now, it may make a return in the future)

-What I Need Your Help With!

To all Junket fans out there (if there are any) you may know that the placables in the game are all but useless and on top of that contain a bug that was a horrible oversight on my part simply because I never use them when testing. I could fix the bug, but I have been considering replacing them for a while and I think it's time. I am very unsure about what direction to take them so I'm asking you. If anyone is actually reading this then please send in any and all suggestion that you have on the comment sections on either the gamejolt or itch io pages, via an email to, or via twitter @JunketTheGame. Any and all suggestions are very appreciated. Some ideas that I've had have been suit upgrades (maybe things like upgrading health or movement speed or things like that), making placables actually useful and remove the bug, or consumable items similar in fashion to consumable token items.

Thanks for reading, Junketeers!

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Mar 03, 2018

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